Holistic Education

Holistic education together with an integrated approach towards the overall development of the child into a global citizen is the goal that we move towards….. Holistic Education

Vikash realizes the importance of the holistic development of the students. Emphasis is laid on shaping students into smart individuals with strong commitment to their chosen goals.

Individual sports and games like Tennis, Skating, are a part of physical education for all age groups, aimed at grooming the students on self-confidence, fitness and skill sets under the expert guidance of the professional trainers.

The School has synthetic Tennis Courts for students eager to train in this elite sport. Quality training is provided in martial arts, athletics, and track and field events in the vast playground of the school.

Similarly, a skating rink has been designed for students to train in roller-skating.
In addition to these activities, meditation and yoga form the part of the daily activities as they exercise the body and relax the mind. The students of Vikash have participated in State and National level Yoga competitions and won laurels for the institution.


Today, sports is no longer a pastime, it is a serious professional option. In such a scenario, adequate emphasis on sports and other activities is very much in the scheme of things at Vikash Institutions. Physical fitness is the primary objective of such activities that accentuate the need for a collective strategy.

The schools promoted by Vikash group have a vast play field with separate facilities for various games and sports like cricket, football, volleyball and basketball that are based on co-ordination, teamwork and game plan. Students learn to play within the set rules and understand their role in the team and the importance of their respective positions. Adequate measures are taken to facilitate the participation of the gifted students in various sports and games at various levels of competitions. This constant grooming and encouragement has helped the students to win several prizes at District, State and National level competitions.


'Healthy body begets healthy mind' is Vikash's doctrine. As games and sports are the best means to achieve sound health, varieties of them are availed. We believe sports reveal and shape character in ways that are unique and complement the education in many ways. In fact, sports are an important part of the curriculum, an important measure of aptitude, attitude and a spirit of healthy competition. Accordingly, we have created excellent facilities for the pursuit of sports under qualified coaches.

Sporting Facilities

  • Athletic Track
  • Cricket Ground
  • Soccer Field
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Badminton Court

Indoor Stadium

This stadium is facilities for games like :

  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn tennis
  • Badminton
  • Basket Ball
  • Fully equipped gymnasium with fitness trainers

Martial Art

In the modern era of confusions and complexities, self defence has become a conspicuous aspect of life. So to enhance the ability of self defence, strength and concentration, a well thought physical fitness programme like Martial Art, Taekwondo-Karate, Shito-Ryi-Karate training is imparted to students on regular basis. Belt Tests too are conducted every year with the keen supervision of Dams and Karate teachers who award White, Yellow, Green, and Brown Belts to the deserving students.

Creative Arts

Vikash provides a creative and democratic platform for students, teachers, staff and the parents to voice their ideas, opinions and suggestions in its annually printed newsletter.

Vikash believes that creative and performing arts enrich people and communities, and are critical to the understanding of global cultures and the common themes that unite societies.

The school has state-of-the-art studios for visual and performing arts. It has established clubs and societies with various activities that form an integral part of a holistic programme used to enhance the imagination and creativity in children.

Music, theatre, dance, visual arts, pottery, debates, stamp collection, gardening, cooking, cultural and literary activities are a few interest-based electives offered to students to pursue.

Students and teachers collaboratively design the curriculum and activities of these clubs, and the focus is always on kindling talents and skills, and then honing them.

Dance & Drama

We train our students to perform One Act Plays on different occasions-Teachers' Day, Children's Day, Annual Day etc. to enhance the performing and communication skills of every child. The open Air Amphitheatre helps them demonstrate these skills effectively. This also imbibes a sense of art and culture in the children


At Vikash Schools, we train the students in Western and Indian classical Music. Every student is encouraged to learn music and music instruments and participate in the events conducted at the school campus.


In the eyes of society's unbeatable intellectuals, philosopher and thinkers, art is considered the mirror and measure of civilization to put forth the colorful reflections. And truly, when we imagine of the multiplicity of human creativity and ingenuity articulated through special art forms like dance, literature, music, play, theatre etc. you cannot but see how indispensable and imperative art is for blossoming and flourishing development of every individual. Indeed, without art, life would be mechanical.