A.V Room

Our school has a well equipped and furnished audio visual room. The main purpose of this facility for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes is retained by the brain more effectively than just reading or listening to it.

The Activity Rooms and the Ball pool

Vikash First Step has well furnished activity rooms with ball pool, toy cars, swinging rings, different types of blocks. It is a great place of enjoyment for children to have fun, learn and to relax. These facilities are well known for their therapeutic effects in an enjoyable environment.

Toy Train

The most favourite game children play in young age is the “chhuk chhuk chale reil gaadi”. Vikash First Step provides the young learners the joy of moving around the school garden/ field in a toy train- the “Vikash Express” during the school hours. It endows them an experience which they cherish from their very childhood. As the children discover the wonder of the campus, the teachers constantly monitor and look after the security and safety of the little ones.


Vikash offers a well stocked library room for the promotion of reading habits of the children. The library is enriched with pictorial books with stories, variety of alphabet books, which help learn the names of the letters and sounds that each letter represents and number books which help children learn how to count.

Well designed class rooms

>A well-designed primary school classrooms can boost learning,help progress in reading, writing and maths. Natural light, temperature, air quality and individualised classroom design are especially important in the study atmosphere of the young learners. Vikash First Step has facilitated with well designed coloured classroom equipped with green board, bulletin board, birthday board, picturesque walling decorated with study materials pertaining to their curriculum besides the well designed furniture that suits the young learners.

The Music Lab

Arts are about aesthetic development, and developing an understanding of the social and cultural contexts within which music making happens. It is an important part of the learning process. Enabling pupils to learn, respect for other views, cultures and attitudes is a fundamental aspect of music education. Music is a creative as well as a performing art. Pupils learn how to solve problems by exploring artistic solutions.

The Art Lab

>The Art lab at Vikash First Step is a hub of creativity and innovation. It is a joy to see the little ones indulging their thoughts on plain white sheets of paper. When children enter primary school, They are capable of expressing and experimenting with different materials and objects of art. All children, irrespective of their different socio-cultural backgrounds, demonstrate a tendency to use the elements and materials of arts spontaneously without any pre-conceived ideas about them at the primary level. In fact the very experience of seeing or participating in an art activity gives inexpressible joy. As kids work with the paintbrushes, their fine motor skills improve. By counting pieces of colors, they learn the basics of math. Most important perhaps, kids feel good while they are creating. Art helps boost self-confidence.

The Dance Lab

The dance lab at Vikash First Step is a perfect platform for shedding inhibitions and enjoying oneself. It is a delight to watch the little ones look as they look at themselves in a mirrored wall gleefully as they begin with tentative steps that later turn into moves of undiluted joy. The young dancers begin with classes such as Aerobics/Yoga or Turn! Jump! Leap! which explore movements and teach the basics of dance and class etiquette. As kids get older, they begin the understanding of working towards injecting the choreography with their own experiences and feelings to give their moves more emotional depth and find a method of expression that can't be stolen.


Vikash has established modern ICT lab that has the latest systems with high-speed Internet connectivity. Students are provided computer education programme that surpasses CBSE stipulations. Teachers assist the students to browse the Internet in a filtered way to gather information related to their projects and ever-changing technology.

The Play Station

Free play on a slider, see-saw or climber in a well-designed play area naturally inspires children to be active. Children use their bodies in self-directed play. Climbing gives children opportunities to develop a variety of skills and to exercise various systems of their bodies:. As they use their muscles actively and breathe deeply while playing, they bring added oxygen to their muscles. Vikash provides play equipments for the little ones at the play station to enjoy themselves in a variety of ways.

Sand pit & Clay pit

Sand pits and clay pits have always been a favorite with kids. They play in sand and clay by digging, sifting, building, pouring and exploring throughout time, which develops the muscle skills in the arms and the upper part of the child’s body. To develop the naturalistic, intrapersonal, kinesthetic and spatial skills of students, the sand pit and clay pit at Vikash are designed to unleash the creative imagination of the little ones.

Sports field Play ground/ Martial Art and Yoga

Health plays an important role in every field of life and to maintain a fit body and a sound mind, the right balance of exercise and meditation is a pre requisite. The play field at Vikash aims at keeping the health and fitness of its students in balance by providing state-of-the-art facilities. A number of exercises, aerobics and stretching exercises are done in the play ground to enhance the gross motor and fine motor skills of our students which is an important activity in the overall development of children. Thursday is meant for the martial art and yoga besides mass drill for the young children.


Good number of buses drive down to various parts of the city to bring the Day scholar students to the school. This makes it convenient for parents to send their children to school on time, safely and comfortably. Every bus is provided with an attendant to ensure the safety of the children in transit. The drivers are provided with communication devices, which keep them in contact with the school throughout the journey. On alighting, the students are guided to their respective classrooms.

Parent Orientation

Vikash works in partnership with the parent community. Periodic parent-teacher meetings are conducted to help them understand the curriculum and teaching methodology adopted by the school. They interact with teachers and share the activities of their ward at home and at school and think upon and chuck out plans for improvement in different areas such as academics and non-academics.